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5 Yee Sang in Kuala Lumpur To Jump-start Chinese New Year 2016


The Chinese take their special occasions very seriously, carrying out celebrations with profound ritual. This year, the all-important Chinese New Year will be held on 8 and 9 February, which begins at the table of every household…Read more

written by Jessica Liew, 29 January 2016


A guide to where to eat for Chinese New Year


From yee sangs with a playful twist to festive dishes with rich ingredients, these are some of the best go-tos for your Chinese New Year get-togethers…Read more

written by Rachel Au, 29 January 2016

Ploy@Work Clearwater Fusion Thai Japanese Cuisine Review


It has been a while since my last gastronomic indulgence over at PLOY Japanese Thai Fusion Restaurant @ WORK Clearwater Damansara Heights. This time around, they have revamped most of their dishes, with really scrumptious new offerings to be ingested…Read more

written by Isaac Tan, 22 October 2015


Ploy@Work Clearwater Fusion Thai Japanese Cuisine Review


Fusion food are much of an in-thing now; but to serves it with top quality ingredient and with a special taste that lingers on your tastebud is not an easy thing to achieve. +BestRestaurant ToEat was invited to taste; new fusion dishes created by their Master Chef … Read more

written by best restaurant to eat, 4 October 2015


PLOY Japanese Thai Fusion Restaurant @WORK Clearwater Damansara Heights Kuala Lumpur


Dining at PLOY at WORK Clearwater Damansara Heights recently was a strange affair – it was the first time I have ever dined on modern Japanese Thai cuisine cooked by a top Indian Head Chef. With a Michelin star chef from the USA to their team, this is part of PLOY’s ‘grand scheme’ to introduce modern Asian cuisine to its discerning clientèle… Read more

written by Auntie Lilly, 30 September 2015


PLOY @ Damansara Heights


Ploy serves Asian cuisine with a modern twist to it. Just don’t ploy ploy with your food okay?… Read more

written by Meghan Ang, 22 August 2015